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Penannular and Semi-Penannular Brooches

Penannular and Semi-Penannular Brooches (12)

Brooches of this type range from 12mm to 73mm or 1/2" to 3" and all use the method of attachment illustrated below. Smaller brooches work well in medium weight fabric while the larger ones were used to hold up clothing or close shaws and blankets and are popular with re-enactors of early European history.

annular keyhole2penan brooch attachement 1penan brooch attachment 2

penan 1in roll tip triangle bzRoll tip panannular brooches were found across pretty much all of Scandinavia. This smaller size brooch was used to close openings in garments before there were buttons and are now popular with historical re-enactors and as accent pieces for modern fashion wear.

29mm or 1 1/8"   Bronze - also available in Silver for $39 - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information


penann flat tipA sturdy basic cloak pin or kilt pin, this design

was popular across Scaninavia and Scotland 

up to the 1800s.

50mm or 2" diameter   Bronze

Roll Tip penannular brooches were found across Scandinavia. This brooch is much lighter weight than others of this size. The pin works well in medium…
Penannular brooches like these, though rare, were found on the island of Gotland. This island and international trade site in middle of Baltic Sea has…
This semi-annular brooch has a highly stylized animal head decoration representative of how animal images were represented in Islamic culture. This piece is slightly wider than…
Examples of this style of penannular brooch were found on Gotland and the eastern Baltic area as grave goods ~760-950. The original brooch didn't have…

brooch attachment 2 Replica of a penannular brooch found at Laivai Lithuania. The original artifact didn't have a complete pin, so I chose a common pin style from that excavation site.

Medium: 45mm x 45mm or 1¾"x1¾" Bronze


baltic pen blueberry med2 Replica of a penannular brooch found at Laivai Lithuania. The original artifact didn't have a complete pin, so I chose a relatively common style from that excavation site. The faceted brooch from the same site has a simpler and even more common pin style. Reminiscent of the middle eastern symbolic use of fruit and vegetation in their designs

Medium: 45mm x 45mm or 1¾"x1¾" or   Bronze


keyhole-broochThis 'semi-annular' brooch was found a grave site at Laivai Lithuania ~760 - 980. The town was located on a river trade route between Coronian Lagoon in the Baltic and Constantinople. This route required a long portage to connect to the Dnieper north of Kiev, but for Viking Age traders it was still the shortest route between the southeastern Baltic and Byzantium (Constantinople - modern Istanbul)

70mm - 30mm or 2 5/8" x 2"   Bronze


brooch-penannular-small-baltic-roll-tip Penannular brooches with rolled tips were popular in the Baltic region and appear in grave find artifacts throughout the region. As many as 13 to 15 brooches were found in some women's burials.

29 mm or 1 1/8"  Bronze