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Antler ButtonsEven though research indicates that buttons and button-holes were not used in early Scandinavian and Medieval clothing, we still get requests for them. Our buttons are made from European reindeer, north American elk and deer antler in several sizes. 99+% of the antler were shed during the winter and after the breeding season.

Monday, 23 December 2013 00:00

Antler Buttons - Large

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Antler Buttons Large Irregular shaped large buttons made from European Reindeer or North American Elk can be ordered from 1½" to 2½". Product varies from shown.

Finish: Fine sanded or we can polish for $0.50 each



Left: Slab, Reindeer or Elk 1⅝" or 42 mm

Top Right: Slab, Reindeer 1¾"x1¼" or 45x32 mm

Bottom Right: Cross cut button: 2"x1⅛" or 51x30 mm