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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 05:43

Tortoise Brooches, Late Vendel/Early Viking Age - Silver

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brooch tortoise ribe5 dublin museumbrooch tortoise ribe silverThese Late Vendel Period ‘Tortoise’ Brooches are transitional between Vendel and Viking Age designs with documentation designated 'Ribe Type 5', ~700-800 AD. Only molds of this brooch style were found at Ribe Denmark. The brooches in the photo was found in a grave at Killmainheim in Ireland while other examples were found in Norway. The Vendel art style was named for archaeological finds in the Vendel valley of Sweden however the art style was common throughout western Scandinavia. The original brooches were on loan from the Dublin Museum to the Ribe Viking Ship Museum in Denmark  3" x 2" or 75mm x 50 mm (Photo, September 2004 by Alan Andrist).

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