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Knife Sheath - Hangs Diagonally

sheath hanging diagonally With the hole in the knife sheath off center it hangs from a belt diagonally. Since leather doesn't survive well, I base the knife sheaths on ones that were excavated from the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norse and Medieval levels at York.

These sheaths are made from oak tanned leather and can be wet and have designs pressed into them before they are waterproofed.

The waterproofing material that is closest to a Medieval recipe is Sno-Seal, made from a mixture of bee's wax and some form of oil to keep the bee's wax supple. Alternative, heat 1/2 bee's wax and 1/2 goose fat until they blend together, cool and apply to leather, including shoes, using a heat gun to warm the leather. Apply a generous layer, heat until the mixture soaks in and repeat several times. One application for knife sheaths, eight initial applications for shoe soles and five for uppers. Repeat each fall or when your water soaks through you shoes, which ever happens first.

Size: Depends upon the knife - made to fit our line of Mora knives

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