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Nalbinding has been documented from as far back as  5000 BCE in the Xinjiang province or China, Peru and Scandinavia. Nalbinding creates a knotted fabric using a continuous piece of yarn. Unlike knitting and crocheting it doesn't unravel if a thread is cut or wears out. In Scandinavia woodsmen, fishermen and others who make their living out of doors in cold weather prefer nalbound garments due to their extra warmth, durability and ease of repair.

This nalbound hat is made using the Åsle mitten stitch which produces the thickest three-layer fabric. There are other stitch patterns that produce lighter weight…
The Åsle Mitten Stitch book by Sigrid Briansdotter discusses the history of the Åsle Mitten which was found near the Åsle church in Vastergotland in…
Each nalbound hat is unique in color and size. If you have a color preference and know your head size we will make hats, mittens…