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Utility Knives

Utility Knives (5)

Small utility knives used for everyday activities. We have replica knives with custom handles as well as modern knives made by Mora of Sweden.

With the hole in the knife sheath off center it hangs from a belt diagonally. Since leather doesn't survive well, I base the knife sheaths…
With the hole in the knife sheath in the center of the back seam causes the knife hang vertically. Since leather doesn't survive well, I…
This standard factory finished knife. The carbon steel blade is just under 4" (100 mm) long, 11/16" wide and .080" thick carbon steel. The 4"…
 The same 4" carbon steel blade as the standard Mora knife but with a custom birch or hickory handle. A sheath listed in the same…
Custom hickory or teak wood handle knives with a leather sheath can be listed together or separately on the same order to get the combination…